Friday, November 12, 2010

The art of seduction

Getting hit on in public can be hit or miss (no pun intended). I was not a fan of the guy in the car next to me tonight who motioned to me to roll down my window like he wanted to ask for directions, then said, "Hey baby, lookin' good. You headed to a party?" (I was headed home to take a bath and then go to bed circa 8:30. Was it my gray wool winter hat that shouted "party girl" to him??) On the other hand, the two rasta guys who followed me down the street in Brooklyn a few years ago and did a duet of "Pretty Woman" were awesome. The Korean man on the subway a few months ago who said in broken English, "Hello, my name Kim. What your name and can I put number in phone?" made me feel sad for him, but it was also sweet and funny. He deserves points for having the guts to give it a shot even though he had to know the chances of success were slim.

Less gutsy, perhaps, was the homeless man who approached me and Dreamy in the bookstore circa 11 a.m. last Saturday. He looked to be in his mid-twenties and I say that he was less gutsy because he reeked of beer, although I suppose Irish courage could be considered to be a form of courage by some. He walked up to us and proclaimed in slurred tones, "You are gorgeous. I wanted you to know that I think you are very beautiful, and I love your hat." He paused, then added the incongruously old-fashioned phrase, "It looks like the two of you are going together. I guess I might be interrupting." I smiled politely and Dreamy and I started to move past him. As we walked away he called after us, "You should really check out the neuroscience section. The books there are amazing."

Thanks for the suggestion, weird drunk homeless guy! Will do.

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