Monday, May 6, 2013

Thanks, but no thanks

Theradate has not been making it easy for me to stick to my resolution to ignore him. He's been "liking" lots of photos of me on Facebook (prompting me to wonder if he really likes me or only "likes" me). He also invited me to the premiere of a movie he's starring in. The only communication I'm not getting from him is an invitation to spend time with him without his 500 closest friends. Until said invitation arrives, I will continue to studiously ignore his advances. (And by "ignore," I mean thank him for the invite to the premiere but lie and say I have plans that night, but I look forward to seeing it when it's available on the Internet.)

I gotta admit, though: I am DYING of curiosity. Should I take my roommate up on her offer to go with a video camera and make me a bootleg of it??

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