Thursday, August 26, 2010

At the Cirque

My friend Slinky had to cancel our long-planned date to see Cirque du Soleil this week, so with her ticket available, I invited Dreamy instead. I was sad Slinky couldn't make it, but it DID make for a pretty awesome second date. I haven't been to see Cirque in quite a few years, and I had forgotten what a childlike pleasure one takes in watching their stunning costumes and antics. It's impossible to stop smiling during their shows. Dreamy is enthusiastic and positive, and he was a great person to watch them with.

Before the show, we grabbed a cocktail and a bite to eat at Drink. We both got there late (this seems to be a chronic problem -- we're both so laid back), and were short on time. We ate quickly and then headed out, but by the time we got to the show they were announcing that the curtains were about to close and we wouldn't be allowed in for five more minutes. As we were racing, umbrella in hand, a couple racing in the opposite direction dropped something small and kept going. I paused for half a second and looked down; it was a case. The couple was already far away. Had they still been nearby, I would have called to them, but I wasn't even sure I could find them. I decided it wasn't my problem and kept going.

Dreamy wouldn't have noticed anything, but when I paused he looked down too and caught sight of the case. He didn't pause at all; he scooped it up, glanced inside, exclaimed "Oh my god! It's a pair of glasses," and took off after the couple. A minute later he was back, having successfully restored the glasses. As we got to our entrance the usher was in the process of shutting the curtain, but she smiled kindly and held it open for us. Clearly, if this was some sort of test of character, Dreamy passed with flying colors and I failed miserably. I chose five minutes of Cirque du Soleil over restoring a valuable possession to someone! I'd like to think that if I had had a bit more time I would have made a better choice, but still, it's nice to know that Dreamy's instincts are in the right place.

At the subway entrance at the end of the night he asked politely if he could kiss me (he's by far the most chivalrous person I've ever dated -- holding umbrellas for me, spreading salmon on my toasts for me, etc.) and we stood on the damp street and kissed for a long time. Then I got on the subway and went back to freaking out over the incredible mountain of work I need to complete before school starts in T minus 6 days, pausing occasionally to smile and think of Dreamy.

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