Thursday, August 19, 2010

Restraining myself

My first date with Dreamy is imminent; he is finally back in Boston, and we made plans to get together soon. We've been corresponding for close to a month, and I don't usually decide I'm going to marry someone before I meet them (just sometimes), so there are a lot of expectations.

I wanted our first date to be really fun. Then, I got inspired by this article about things to do in Boston, and I thought, what would be more adventurous and memorable than an afternoon of kayaking on the Charles? We're both starting new jobs on Monday, so we still have a few days free. It would be exciting and interesting, and would show him that I'm a fun person (though my description of puking 9 times into Miami's toilet after her bachelorette may have already demonstrated that, albeit in a different way).

I was ready to send an email proposing the idea, but thankfully, I stopped for a moment and thought very carefully about what it would actually be like, rather than my romantic vision of the two of us happily splashing around. I read the Community Boating website and realized that we'd get kicked off the river if we failed to wear life jackets (NOT flattering or romantic). I thought about my other attire, and realized that not only would I not be able to wear my American Apparel pencil skirt that I habitually wear on first dates, my feet would need to be ensconced in my child-size Keen water shoes rather than my Frye sandals. I'll give you a visual on that:

Keen water shoes -- ack! my pedicure is covered up!

Frye sandals -- ahh, much better.

Finally, I thought about how, when one kayaks, it looks like the lower half of one's body is a gigantic, brightly-colored piece of plastic. Kind of like a centaur, but half-plastic instead of half-horse. All together, it turns out that what I thought was an ingenious idea was in fact extremely foolhardy, possibly even worse than my Duck Tours debacle. Instead, I proposed a visit to a museum, followed by cocktails. It may not be as memorable as a kayak on the Charles, but that could be a good thing.

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