Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Enter Monkeyboy

As of last night, I have a new love interest who has rapidly set a number of dating records for me, including:
  • Most excitement (on my end) for a first date
  • Funniest guy I've gone out with
  • Best follow-up (texted to thank me for being the "best thing since sliced bread" immediately after the date, picked up hat I forgot at the restaurant the following day, already asked me out on date #2)
  • Closest resemblance to the husband of a friend (he looks a lot like my friend Miami Nice's hubby, Mr. Miami)
  • Most eco-friendly guy I've ever dated (he drives a Prius!!!)
  • Most observant (he complimented me on my nailpolish; my nail guru, Slinky, says that means he's a keeper)
  • First guy I've dated who owns a kayak
Overall, Monkeyboy seems really great so far. But the aspect I feel most positive about is something I've been thinking about ever since I noticed Doctor O back on OkCupid a couple of days ago, which is that it feels like Monkeyboy and I are in really similar places in life. We both moved from other cities a year or two ago after big breakups; we both live alone with a pet or two for company, and have careers we're happy with; we both go on lots of vacations with our parents. Differences can be interesting, too, but in my last few relationships it's felt like there's an inequality between us that makes things difficult long-term. Actually, let me change that: there's been inequality in ALL my relationships, on one side or the other. And I definitely felt that inequality with Doctor O -- I was flattered by the attention from such an accomplished man, a bit intimidated by the grown-up life he lives, and didn't quite feel like I was at the same level as him.

I'm not sure what I'll do if Doctor O does get in touch, but I think it's probably best if he doesn't. It would be nice for him to remain a strange, interesting little anecdote in my dating history.

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