Monday, February 6, 2012

The Manly Boy, or the Boyish Man

Monkeyboy and I are in like. We had another long date over the weekend, followed by a shorter date the next night, and now we're a little bit smitten with each other. It's fun.

The past couple of months, as I've been Internet dating again, I've been somewhat purposefully seeking men to date who are more manly than boyish. Manly types have their lives together; they know what they want to do with their careers, and live by themselves in nice apartments. They pay for dinner, and suggest dates in nice restaurants or jazz clubs. The boyish ones are endearingly cute and can be more emotionally accessible. They live with roommates, or occasionally, in dorms (in Boston at least). They eat lots of takeout. Often, they're still in grad school, and they sometimes have the bad habit of taking you for granted.

Dreamy was most definitely the boyish type, and I got sick of it. By the end, I longed for someone who was more together, more thoughtful, who knew better how to navigate life.

With Monkeyboy, I've come to realize that it doesn't have to be a dichotomy. He's got lots of charm like the boyish types, but he also has his life together. He lives by himself in a tastefully decorated duplex apartment; his kitchen looks decidedly grown up -- apart from the murdered man knife block. On Friday, during a visit to the Museum of Science, he oohed and aahed over dinosaur lunch boxes and rocket kits in the gift shop. When we arrived at the glow in the dark stars and planets section, he mentioned that his bedroom ceiling is already adorned. He offers a wide range of date ideas, from jazz to a home-cooked dinner (cooked by him) to a planetarium trip to laser tag to fondue to archery (!). And then of course there was the skating date, his idea. He pays for all our dates, and isn't afraid to take charge or to let me do the leading, like when I offered to pick him up the other night and drive us to the Museum of Science.

Like I said, it's fun. And now I gotta go get ready to head to Monkeyboy's in a bit for an episode of the Daily Show and a nightcap.

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