Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kindy kids

My kindergarteners were hard at work last week finding rhymes in flip books I made for them. They had to match two pictures that rhymed, then think of another word that rhymed with the first two and draw it. One little whippersnapper thought out loud:

"Witch, witch... what rhymes with witch? I know! Bitch!!"

No reaction from the kids around her. The eight of them continued working without batting a lash. "Lizzy," I said calmly, "That's not actually a word we use in school. It's a word people use to say they don't like someone, but it's inappropriate."

"Oh!" she said, surprised. "I didn't know what it meant."

We continued working. A moment later, Adam approached me. "Jacob said an inappropriate word," he reported in a quiet, shocked voice. Another one?! I thought.

"Whisper the word in my ear," I instructed.

Adam leaned in, clearly embarrassed. In his quietest whisper, he murmured, "Underpants."

I managed to wait until I left the class ten minutes later before letting my giggles erupt.

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