Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Action in the bullpen

I've been crazy busy lately. I'm thinking about moving and starting to plan for it. I have two interviews on Monday. I'm working on creating a curriculum for my summer job, which starts the day after school ends. And, like I've said before, I've been dating a LOT the last few weeks -- I had triple headers (three days of consecutive dates) the past three weekends. During the third-to-last one, just before I met up with Leif, I found myself smiling and nodding at my smart, interesting date and thinking, "Please stop asking me questions. I'm too tired to answer them." Not good, since a boyfriend who doesn't ask questions is the last thing I want.

I've gotten so busy that I've stopped putting any effort into dating. But somehow I need to find the time to do so, because what with my diminished effort recently, I find myself with no dates lined up. The 27-year-old who bought me dinner last week seems to have gotten the message that I'm not interested. The handsome Indian doctor wasn't interested in me. And then there are a few people who have contacted me who I never bothered to reply to, which means no action in the bullpen to distract me from Leif Ericson. I need distraction, because even though it's only been two dates, I have been thinking about him a lot ever since we went out last weekend. I'm trying not to get attached, but it's hard when I've met his people, gone sailing with him, and spent so long smooching on the street that we needed to find something for me to stand on so my toes didn't get tired (he's very tall). In between running around trying to get stuff done, I find myself daydreaming about him or signing into OkCupid just to see his tiny little photo next to his old messages to me.

So, I'm forcing Leif out of my head, burying myself in my work, and accepting a date from a non-Internet man who asked me out yesterday. And if you see my gazing off into space with a silly grin on my face, please kick me.

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