Sunday, June 3, 2012

Searching for the trifecta

Ever since my landlord's revelation late last week that he's raising my rent, I'm officially now searching for the trifecta: a job, a boyfriend and an apartment.

The good news is I'm making headway in at least some of those areas. Back in New York, my Wise Woman noted that I frequently used the word "charming" to describe my boyfriends. (In that astonishing/helpful/sometimes annoying way that my Wise Woman had, she remembered my descriptions years later and would repeat them back to me verbatim.) I still like a charming man; who doesn't? I certainly wouldn't want to date someone who is NOT personable, outgoing and funny.

But lately, I've noticed that the word that I use most often to describe men I like is no longer "charming." A new word has come along: "gentle." And while there are lots of other words I could use to describe Leif Ericson -- funny, intelligent, and interesting come to mind -- I really like his gentleness. We went for a pretty sail on the Charles today, and he was patient and kind while giving me sailing lessons. I also appreciate that he's willing to break the rules and invite me to meet a whole slew of his friends at a barbeque on Date #2.

I found a pearl in my oyster at the barbeque, so I think I may be in for some good luck! Cross your fingers for me that the trifecta will come along, sooner or later.

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