Wednesday, May 2, 2012

True love at the mall

I fell in love last month. Here is the object of my affection:

Beautiful, right? The minute I put it on I knew we were meant for each other. We belong together like shoes and socks. Like bourbon and bitters.

Unfortunately, the price tag was $80, which while quite reasonable for a silk dress is nearly two weeks of what I am allowed to spend recreationally according to my 50/50/50 Herman Caine-inspired austerity budget.

Reluctantly, I moved on, keeping only the photo to remember it by. Then last week, I was taking a bath when my phone started ringing. It rang and rang. I thought a big emergency was happening. It turned out that I was right: Slinky was calling to say that the dress was on sale for 50% off.

Soooo... now I am deciding whether or not to go ahead and spend all of my recreational budget for the week on the dress, or not. Technically, it's a pretty foolhardy purchase. My closet is CHOCK FULL of fancy dresses that I very rarely have the occasion to wear, including four lovely bridesmaid dresses, not to mention all the gorgeous hand-me-down dresses that my friend D has given me over the years.

But. Have I mentioned how much I love this dress? And my school is having a big party this weekend. A famous comedian might be there. (Think Jay Leno, but way cooler.) And who knows, maybe there'll be some cute divorced dads there for me to flirt with. So I should totally get it, right??

After all, men come and go, but dresses stay with you forever.

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