Sunday, June 16, 2013

Missed connections

Slinky reminded me last night of a small incident that I had almost forgotten about that occurred a couple of weeks ago at Theradate's chocolate party. Actually, it was before the chocolate party; he had asked me to come down early and spend some time with him before the guests arrived.

We were nibbling on snacks in the kitchen, double checking to make sure that everything was ready. After a while I suggested we move to the couch and relax for the last half hour or so before the guests arrived; Theradate agreed.

I headed off toward the couch and Theradate went in the opposite direction, to go to the bathroom or do some last-minute preparation, I assumed. I sat down in the sun, looking out at the amazing view of his city, feeling relaxed and happy, and waited for him to come join me. And waited. And waited. I started to feel less relaxed and happy. After ten minutes, I thought, this is really weird. Why did he even invite me here if it was to sit on the couch by myself? What is WITH this guy?

"Heathen?!" came Theradate's voice from the other room, then his head popped in. "You're in HERE? I was on the other couch! I thought you were going to the bathroom." He had been sitting on the couch in the living room for the past ten minutes, patiently waiting for me to come join him. Thoughtfully, we had both headed to each others' favorite couch -- he went to the cozy one in the living room that I like better; I went to his preferred couch, the one with the huge windows and incredible view.

*Sigh*. Maybe relationships are just like that sometimes. You both have good intentions and are thinking of the other person. And yet somehow, you just end up in different rooms, on different couches, by yourselves -- until you figure things out and remedy the matter. Which we promptly did.

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