Friday, September 13, 2013

The "wear-everything-you-own" challenge

I gave myself a challenge this summer: I had to wear every summer top I own. I imagine that this would not be difficult for most people, but I have -- ahem -- a lot of clothes. Two giant captain drawers full, not to mention the ones in the closet. I've collected these clothes over the span of several decades; the oldest one dates to when I was nine. (I realize that makes me sound like a hoarder, and I'm willing to accept that label if it's what I have to do to keep the shirt I got at theater camp in the 4th grade.) Anything I didn't wear by the end of the summer had to go in the donation bin.

In order to complete the challenge, I had to wear a different shirt every day, and a few times I even changed midway through the day. I gave myself a break and did not include my summery long-sleeved shirts in the challenge, since they go in a separate drawer and there is some gray area there that could confuse matters. While packing for vacations, the sole criteria I used to decide what to bring was whether or not I had already worn an item, which made for some interesting ensembles, like when the only clean clothes I had left were an army green tank top and my army green cargo shorts. And, as it turned out, I was so focused on packing my summer shirts that I did not pack a single long-sleeved item for a week-long vacation in Vermont where it was 60 degrees for much of the week.

This morning, I pulled out a hand-me-down from my friend Miami Nice that hasn't seen the light of day in several years, and as I put it on I thought to myself that I *must* be nearing the end of the wear-everything-you-own challenge. Unfortunately, when I did a quick count I unearthed ten shirts that have not been worn, including a black halter top, my Obama t-shirt, a shirt with the number 17 on it that a friend from Japan gave me in the late 90s, and a purple tank top with silver sequins.

There are nine days left of summer. Think I can do it?? I'd really hate to have to donate my Obama t-shirt.


  1. Don't forget, some of your summer clothes are being used by your sister as maternity clothes! What will you do about those?

  2. Those are tunics, not shirts, and are therefore also exempt from the challenge :)