Friday, July 16, 2010

A fine line

It's hard to keep dating other people when you have someone already to kiss who is sexy and kind and tells you often that you are cute. Who says he adores your date ideas for the weekend, which started out as a plan to watch a movie in the park and have gradually expanded to encompass the whole day, including a trip to the beach (yes, it looks like I finally may get that swim I've long been promised...) and mojitos in the backyard. Who always answers your emails right away, and who falls asleep with his head in your lap on the couch and his arms wrapped around your waist and twitches like a puppy.

It's especially hard when his main competition is an uninspiring Chinese architect, a man whose emails keep getting shorter and who never answers the questions you ask, someone who is very busy and says that he *MIGHT* be available to see you on Tuesday (which you never respond to), and a man who is very excited about his job which you think sounds unspeakably boring.

But, of course, the cute person you are kissing is thinking about moving to California, where he says you should come for a visit, and is not looking for a girlfriend. Although he often talks about his long-term life plan involving a house in the countryside in Quebec, kids (definitely more than one) and a life partner. In any case, you still barely know the guy, so it's way too early to even know if you'd like him to be your boyfriend.

A classic mistake is to force oneself to go out with people you're not excited about just to keep up the action. However, another classic mistake is to perceive everyone as being uninspiring just because they pale in comparison to the main love interest. It's a tough line to navigate. So far, my solution is to keep corresponding with everyone (except Mr. Maybe Tuesday) but not go out of my way to suggest a date, and hope that a little inspiration will appear. And not to make too many plans with Le Canadien, even though it's very tempting when he says that his whole entire weekend is free to expand the date even further to include both days.

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  1. sigh, THIS sounds familiar!

    Thanks for putting me on your blog roll! I love yours, I am going to subscribe! Sorry you left Brooklyn. I lived there, I miss it madly.

    Student Driver