Saturday, July 17, 2010

The new bean

I was walking down the street with my sister, Ms. Swamp, last week, discussing plans for August. We were talking about the possibility of going to visit our grandmother in Idaho, and I said the first thing that popped into my mind: "But who will take care of Haricot?"

"Umm, Haricot is dead. Or maybe he's with the birds in Maine," my sister responded.

"Oops, I don't mean Haricot... I mean the new Haricot. Haricot Junior," I answered.

I need a name for my new little beanie so I don't keep accidentally calling him Haricot. He has his own identity, his own little personality. So far he seems most characterized by his babyish uncertainty; when I put my finger in front of him and say "Step up!" he looks at it, confused about what he should do. He flaps his wings and tries to fly, not totally successfully. Haricot never had a moment of uncertainty like that, partly because he was older and understood his body better.

I'm thinking that I'll continue the trend of vegetable/food names, possibly in Italian this time. Here are the submissions so far:

Cipolla or Cipollotto -- onion in Italian, my ex-boyfriend l'Artista's idea
Pomme -- apple in French, Slinky's idea
Persil -- parsley in French; cute, but might be too hard to say (that was always an issue with Haricot)
Pruneau -- the French word for prune, Le Canadien's idea
Fagiolo -- the Italian word for Haricot; too much?
Piccola -- l'Artista's old nickname for me, meaning 'little' in Italian; too sentimental?

Anyone have a preference among these or their own idea? Here's a photo to inspire you:

Awww. Isn't he sweet? He's kinda looking like a Parsley/Persil to me right now, despite the difficult pronunciation. Two weeks till adoption day...

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