Thursday, July 22, 2010

In defense of OKCupid

So, a lot of people complain about OKCupid. Heck, I complain about OKCupid. But, having experienced the magic of paid dating sites, I gotta say, I think OKC is pretty great. I've been on Match for a month and a half so far, and have gone on... ONE DATE! Well, there were two guys who I was supposed to go out with and then stopped responding to, and I have two more dates coming up soon. But still. My one date was totally lackluster (thin lips -- yuck). I dunno, it just seems like all the men there are very square, and also weirdly tall. OKC is more like real life -- there are a lot of people who aren't necessarily looking for a girlfriend, but they are interesting people and it doesn't feel like a meat market. Plus, as Slinky always complains, there are a lot of short guys on there, which works well for me.

I've had some bad experiences, of course, but overall I've met some pretty great guys. The Doctor was fun for a while, and it felt good to date someone immediately post-breakup who really wanted me to be his girlfriend (even if his level of attractiveness made that utterly impossible). Paul McCartney was cute and it was fun to kiss him and to be reminded that I CAN find cute guys online and don't have to compromise. It was annoying how the Brazilian acted like he really liked me and then just disappeared into a chocolate-filled black hole, but still, I can't say I'm sorry I met him and I do think he's a nice guy. When he's famous for his futuristic chocolate-making machine I can say that I once dated him, and that he wears unattractive black briefs.

And, I'm really glad that I met Le Canadien. I haven't heard from him in a few days, and guess what -- I don't care! I think I have mastered the art of having a fling, and I have him to thank for that. I hope that I do hear from him eventually, but mostly just because I really want to have a French-speaking friend in Boston. And it would be fun to make out with him again.

Finally, I love OKCupid because their blog is awesome. They write about all the foibles and intricacies of their site, most recently the lies people tell about themselves (exaggerating their height, income, etc.). They've also written extensively about racism on their site, which made me determined to date some non-white people -- so far, it hasn't happened (the Chinese architect stopped responding and then dropped off the site), but I haven't given up. I feel good about using a site that has such an honest, transparent approach, and if I don't meet my husband there, at least I hope to meet some friends.

Plus, I have an OKC date coming up (I think) with someone I am VERY excited about! I haven't been this excited for a date since Le Canadien. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. You and I, I believe, had identical reactions to .... OKC guys might be aggravating, but at least they are dynamic and aggravating (and more spontaneous). On match it always felt like if you approached a guy you had to discuss marriage and children. Or were digging for sex but wouldn't be upfront about it until you had been talking for awhile.

    Go date -- sounds great.

  2. EXACTLY. However, I did just have a fun date with a man from Match. Sweet, young, impressionable... Ready to be molded into the perfect boyfriend... Sometimes younger men are the best :)