Sunday, July 11, 2010

How can you tell...

...whether your bartender really likes you, or is just flirting to get good tips?

I spent three hours today in my favorite neighborhood bar watching the final World Cup game with my tattooed bartender. We smiled at each other a lot and joked flirtatiously about our rivalry over the game (he was for the Netherlands, I was for Spain -- yay Spain!!). He called me "sweetie" repeatedly and explained the nuances of the game, even when other customers with empty beer glasses started to look annoyed. I even looked at photographs of his vacation, for Chrissakes. Two rolls! Who gets film developed in this day and age??

At the end of the game I got -- a bill. For both drinks I ordered.

This left me wondering if I should give up or research a new sport to watch, since soccer is now officially on the shelf until 2014. That is, until I Facebook stalked him this evening and discovered that he is "in a relationship".

I guess it was all for the tips. New problem: do I have to break up with my favorite bar because the bartender led me on?


  1. Bartender in a relationship=bartender friend=awesome!

  2. You're so right. I just need to adjust my thinking.